Current Colours

taught by Shelley Brown

Course description

Become a Current Colours Consultant and become a colour expert. As a colour consultant or professional image consultant, your expertise in contemporary colour analysis can set you apart in the industry. Current Colours is the most accurate method of colour analysis.

You will learn:

  • Colour terminology
  • Why people choose colour
  • Relation of colour and shape
  • Colour Harmonies
  • Characteristics of colour
  • Application of colour characteristics to individual analysis
  • Why personal colouring changes over the years
  • Relationship of hair colour to overall analysis
  • Evolution of colour analysis
  • Four necessary elements of an accurate colour analysis
  • Accuracy and individuality of Current Colours system
  • Current Colours Categories
  • Cross-over colours
  • The relevance of colour trends in the marketplace
  • Individual colour analysis
  • Built in repeat business
  • Client loyalty 

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and understand the fundamentals of colour terminology, colour schemes, and basic concepts
  • Name and describe the six characteristics of colour and how they relate to an individual’s colouring
  • Evaluate the colour characteristics with application to personal colouring
  • Analyze the four individual elements of each colour analysis
  • Recognize discernable changes in skin tone over time
  • Understand how hair colour affects personal colouring
  • Name and define the Current Colours categories 
  • Classify crossover colours
  • Determine the impact of up to date colours in the marketplace with respect to an individual’s colours
  • Prepare customized colour palettes
  • Generate repeat business with Current Colours Updates

Shelley Brown
Shelley Brown

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to Colour
1.1 Colour and Light
1.2 Progression of the Colour Wheel
Lesson 1 Pop Quiz 1
1.3 Colour Terminology; Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Colours
Lesson 1 Pop Quiz 2
1.4 Complementary and Analogous Colours
1.5 Colour Harmonies
1.6 Black, White and Neutrals
1.7 Colour Range
1.8 Colour and Mood
Lesson 1 Pop Quiz 3
Summary Lesson 1 – Key Points to Remember
Lesson 1 Homework
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2. Colour Psychology and Colour Characteristics
2.1 Internal Factors of Colour Choice
Lesson 2 Pop Quiz 1
2.2 External Factors of Colour Characteristics
2.3 Dimensions of Colour
2.4 Comparing Undertone: Cool vs. Warm
2.5 Comparing Value: Light vs. Deep
2.6 Comparing Intensity: Bright vs. Muted
Lesson 2 Pop Quiz 2
Lesson 2 Pop Quiz 3
Summary Lesson 2 - Key Points to Remember
Lesson 2 Homework part one
Lesson 2 Homework part two
Lesson Two Homework part three
Remember this Moment
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3. Personal Colour Analysis
3.1 Progression of Colour Analysis
3.2 Colour Analysis Myths
3.3 The Four Elements of Personal Colour Analysis
3.4 Colour Characteristics of Skin Tone
Lesson 3 Pop Quiz 1
3.5 Eye Colour
Lesson 3 Pop Quiz 2
Summary - Key Points to Remember
Lesson 3 Homework part one
Lesson 3 Homework part two
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4. Personal Colour Analysis (continued)
4.1 Hair
4.2 Personality
Lesson 4 Pop Quiz 1
Summary - Key Points to Remember
Lesson 4 Homework part one
Lesson 4 Homework part two
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5. Your Colour Drapes
5.1a Drape Kit Checklist and Supplies
5.1b Update Kits and Supplies FREE PREVIEW
5.2 Current Colours Training Video - Set Up
5.3 Current Colours System
5.4 Current Colours Categories
Lesson 5 Pop Quiz 1
Summary - Key Points to Remember
Lesson 5 Homework
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6. Introduction to Current Colours™ (continued)
6.1 Crystal and Cascade Categories
Lesson 6 Homework Crystal and Cascade
6.3 Caribbean and Cajun Categories
Lesson 6 Homework Caribbean and Cajun
Lesson 2 Pop Quiz Caribbean and Cajun
6.2 Champagne and Chameleon Categories
Lesson 6 Homework Champagne and Chameleon
Summary - Key Points to Remember
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7. Combination Categories
Pop Quiz 1
7.1 Combining Categories
7.2 Crystal-Cascade
Pop Quiz 2
7.3 Caribbean-Cajun
Pop Quiz 3
7.4 Combination Light Categories
Pop Quiz 4
7.5 Combination Deep Categories
Pop Quiz 5
7.6 Rare Combinations
Pop Quiz 6
Summary - Key Points to Remember
Lesson 7 Homework
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8. Cross Over Colour Categories
8.1 Review of Core Colour Categories
Pop Quiz
8.2 Summary of Current Colours Categories
Pop Quiz
8.3 Cross Over Colours
Pop Quiz
Summary - Key Points to Remember
Lesson 8 Homework part one
Lesson 8 Homework part two
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9. Colour and Personal Style
9.1 The Rule of Colour
Pop Quiz
9.2 Skin Care Basics
9.3 Makeup Basics
9.4 The Makeup Effect - Lips
9.5 The Makeup Effect - Eyes
9.6 Hair
Pop Quiz
Summary - Key Points to Remember
Lesson 9 Homework
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10. Taking Care of Your Business
Pop Quiz
10.1 Place of Business
10.2 Ethics and Etiquette
10.3 Semi-Annual Updates
10.4 Slide Presentations
10.5 Drape Care Presentation
10.6 Tips for a Successful Colour Consultation
Summary - Key Points to Remember
10.7 Preparing Colour Swatches
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Test Prep for Final Exam
Final Test
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